Do not install Photoas Facebook App in Facebook

Do not install Photoas Facebook App in Facebook

Hey Facebookers, if you received a message from friends that asking you to install an app called Photoas, please ignore it, do not install. If you installed, it will use your account and start spamming all your friends. If you notice under you apps list, please removed it immediatelly.

[via Teceblog]

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10 thoughts on “Cool Airbrushed Helmets”

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  2. michael

    hi really want the clown one. willin to pay for it…. can you tell me where i can by it…..

  3. Art

    you dont buy these, you have them made , unless you find someone who had one made and is selling one. Go take your helmet with a picture of what you want to an airbrush shop and ask for a quote, im about to have either blue spiderman or ironman done.

  4. muhammad ali soomro

    i really wat the halmet will you give me ur address or phone no. i will contact you sir please i hope you will send me your no. my no. is 03137262794 i am from pakistan karachi

  5. Arturo Lopez

    Hey what’s up I would really like to know how can I get a motorcycle helmet like that? And how much would it coast me for the green spider man helmet ? Please give me a call ASAP really wasn’t one my cell (617)416-4943

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