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Video: Boob Job Advertisement for a New Fiat

Boob Job Advertisement for a New Fiat

Sex sells, at least according to Fiat’s ‘Boob Job’ ad. The ad focuses more on boobs than the Italian carmaker’s new Palio. A couple driving in the Palio pulls over to the side of the road when a discussion between the couple leads to the woman’s confession about her intention to get a boob-job., “I’m getting a boob job.” The few seconds that remain show us a picture of the new Fiat Palio supermini before the camera once again returns to the man who fantasizes about plunging into his wife’s enlarged breasts.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Seto Olivieri
Creative Director: Dauquén Chabeldin
Art Director: Hernán Cuñado
Production manager: Federico Puricelli – Sebastián Tarruella
Production Company: Ursula
Director: Lemon
Executive producer: Adrián D’Amario
General producer: Johanna Trosman
Eagle eyes: Marto Otonello
Music: SupercharangoPost-Production: Wolf

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