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Nail Through Finger Toy

Nail Through Finger Toy

Nail Through Finger Toy

A boring party needs some spicing up, literally! If you are looking for pranks to play on your friends on April fool’s day, This Nail Through Finger Toy might come in handy.


Video: Boob Job Advertisement for a New Fiat

Boob Job Advertisement for a New Fiat

Sex sells, at least according to Fiat’s ‘Boob Job’ ad. The ad focuses more on boobs than the Italian carmaker’s new Palio. A couple driving in the Palio pulls over to the side of the road when a discussion between the couple leads to the woman’s confession about her intention to get a boob-job., “I’m getting a boob job.” The few seconds that remain show us a picture of the new Fiat Palio supermini before the camera once again returns to the man who fantasizes about plunging into his wife’s enlarged breasts.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Director: Seto Olivieri
Creative Director: Dauquén Chabeldin
Art Director: Hernán Cuñado
Production manager: Federico Puricelli – Sebastián Tarruella
Production Company: Ursula
Director: Lemon
Executive producer: Adrián D’Amario
General producer: Johanna Trosman
Eagle eyes: Marto Otonello
Music: SupercharangoPost-Production: Wolf

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