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USB Flash Drive Made From Paper

'USB Flash Drive Made From Paper

Have you ever imagined to store files in a paper?. Well now there is an innovations allowed you to save files in a paper as if a flash drive. It’s called IntelliPaper.

It’s a Nand flash and usb combined on a paper making the flexible usability of flash drive. Not only as storage but could be used for an event ticket, wedding invitations, gift cards. Unfortunately IntelliPaper storage capacity is still very small, only 8-32MB.

The Paperpedic Bed by Karton

The Paperpedic Bed by Karton

The Paperpedic Bed by Karton

The Paperpedic Bed is a system of cleverly folded paper panels which connect to form an incredibly strong and beautiful cardboard bed base. 100% recyclable, The Paperpedic Bed can morph from a cute single to a mega king-sized affair in minutes. With a load capacity of close to a ton, this paper bed sleeps 1-10 comfortably.

Impossibly strong, conveniently cheap and dashingly handsome, it assembles in minutes!

Add The Paperpedic Bed Drawers to create useful, hidden storage and some extra pulp to your bedroom!

120-180cm W x 30cm H x 203cm D (Assembles to single, double, queen or king size)

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