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Piggy Banks Art By Austin Crosthwaite

Piggy Banks Art By Austin Crosthwaite

The coolest piggy bank I have ever seen. These piggy banks art is a series of exclusive hand crafted piggy banks by Austin Machado Crosthwaite. Its really getting to be collectible. These are real piggy banks, so you’ll have to save your pennies or break the bank.

The art is hand made from recycled newspaper and organic paste which is then sculpted into the shape of a pig. Each pig has distinguished features which are added such a bulbous eyes, varying nose shapes, eyebrows, ears and even wings. The pigs are allowed to dry for several days before being primed for painting. The art is delicately hand painted on the side with water-proof acrylic paints. Each piggy is uniquely named with its own tag.

The name is also painted on the piggy in braille for the blind. Once the painting is completely dry, the pigs are adorned with extra decorations unique to their character. Decorations can include coins, buttons, hats, wings or even hair.

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