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Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

Flatshare Fridge

Wow that’s cool! This is the Flatshare Fridge concept designed by Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It is designed for students or people who share fridge in a house. The fridge consists of a base station and up to 4 stackable modules and each module can be customized with varios skins and different add on. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

Nike Sportwear T-Shirt Gun

Nike Sportwear T-Shirt Gun

The Nike Sportwear T-Shirt Gun may be the coolest product that Nike ever made. You gotta watch the video and find out how this gun works It is going to put the T-shirt on you. The gun is a limited product, each of them was numbered and engraved with the signature of a Nike athlete. It costs you $1500 but too bad, it is already sold out.

Steven Jackson gets a surprise while visiting the Nike Campus recently when two Nike 6.0 snow shredders, Matt Ladley and Trevor Jacob, get a little out of control.

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Eris Planetary Sphere Watch

Eris Planetary Sphere Watch

This is the Eris Planetary Sphere Watch designed and created by Pierre Junod and named after the recently discovered dwarf planet Eris. It is made from anthracite anodized aluminum case with a curved mineral glass crystal to protect the hands. The white hand indicates hour while the orange is the minute. The Eris works as you pocket watch, pendant or a small desk clock. Continue reading »

GSM Watch Phone M969

China Phone GSM Watch Phone M969

China mobile phones are about to get cooler or its just another clone. This M969 watch phone is a Quad-Band phone with built in video recorder, digital camera, sound recorder, mp3 player, external hard drive, supporting sms, mms, internet, bluetooth and it works with US T-mobile and AT&T service. If you like it, you can have it for US$188.00. Specification and pictures after the jump Continue reading »