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Amazon Kindle DX

Amazon Kindle DX

That’s the Amazon Kindle DX which has 9.7-inch paper-like e-ink screen, that is 2.5x bigger than the standard Kindle and measure only 1/3 of an inch thin at about the size of magazine. It comes with auto-rotation (portrait or landscape mode), better image and photo display, native PDF support, 4GB of storage, wireless 3G access and a handy text-to-speech feature. Find out more after the jump. Continue reading »

Death Race Style Chevy Camaro By Russian Students

Build Death Race Style Chevy Camaro By Russian Students

This year’s Moscow Tuning Show featured a special car, a ’70s Chevrolet Camaro modified by a team of students from Russian MHPI design school to look like a car from last year’s movie Death Race (which was a remake of the 1975 movie Death Race 2000). The Russian students used matte-grey paint for the Camaro and fitted it with armor plates and weapons, making it look like it came right out of Hollywood movie sets. View more pictures Continue reading »