Free Stock Vector – Retro Camera

'Free Stock Vector - Retro Camera -

Free Stock Vector – Retro Camera, 1 eps | 660 KB

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All graphics in the Free Vector Graphics section come in .eps file format. You will need a vector editing program to open this file (such as Adobe Illustrator).

You can use these vectors as you wish, for your personal projects. You are NOT allowed to resell them or repost them for free.

For Commercial or Extended license contact
webmaster @ jorymon . com

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8 thoughts on “Anti-Paparazzi Clutch Bag”

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  3. J.Úbeda

    I think it´s the same. Men are also due to their public, and the public is that lots of people on the other side of the paparazzis…

  4. blergh

    “If she is there, thanks to the paparazzis.”

    Talented people don’t need paparazzis. They’re recognized by their “work”.

  5. Tony

    It’s not as if this technology isnt readily available. As stated, stars need them to promote them, granted not all of them use the pop either.

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