Breast Enlargement Ringtone

Breast Enlargement Ringtone

NO surgery, NO scar, NO silicone gel breast implants, and it’s Free, you can download the ringtone after the jump. According to Dr Hideto Tomabechi who invented this breast enlargement ringtone he managed to enlarge a woman’s bust size by 3 centimeters just by getting her to listen to the ring tones 20 times a day over the period of 10 days. Watch the video.

Download the ringtone here

[via Noise Addicts]

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3 thoughts on “Butterfly Man”

  1. Debbie

    I don’t know if this is a joke or what, where it was found or more info on it , but it looks like a fairy as weird as that sounds.

  2. Becca

    First photo-(our left) the left leg is right, the rest of the body sorta bends when its held but the odd places don’t, its a model made to look old and has been photo shopped, if you look closely you can see what I mean

  3. Unique thinker

    the hair on its head is fresh and the other part of the body is fossil!! there will be stupids who believe on such crap!!

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