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Name Generators On Facebook

Name Generators - What Is Your Japanese Ninja Smurf Vampire Redneck Superhero Mafia French Hobbit Name

Facebook users, do you want to know what is your japanese name? Then you should give this free cool facebook apps from quizopolis a try, hold on! you can also have your own ninja name, smurf name, vampire name, redneck name, superhero name, mafia name, french name and even hobbit name. Jorymon now has japanese name: Shuichi Aburakoji, cool huh? For the apps link Continue reading »

4 Girls From UK Covered “Kids” song by MGMT With iPhones & iPods Touch

The Mentalists have done a magnificent cover of “Kids” by MGMT, played entirely with iPhones and iPods apps (Apps used Ocarina, Retro Synth, miniSynth, DigiDrummer Lite) downloaded from apple app store. The Mentalists! are London based, The 4 girls (Kim E. Leon – vox, guitar, synth, M’Alice – vox, bass, Kelly – guitar, Linza – drums) met in a disused asylum, North London 2006. Watch the video Continue reading »