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SEIL backpack

SEIL backpack

SEIL backpack is designed by Lee Myung Su. The bag is equipped with LED lights to display the traffic signals. By using the detachable wireless controller, user can show directional and emergency signals on the back of the bag. Video after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Pangolin Bag

Pangolin bag | Fair trade urban design backpack

Handmade Fair trade backpack Pangolin for men and women. Urban backpack made of recycled inner tubes of trucks. The design of this backpack is very ….Read the rest of this entry »

buBbLe by Studio MMASA

buBbLe by Studio MMASA

Photographer: Santos-Díez

buBbLe is an independent, nomadic, flexible dwelling mechanism that allows its occupants to give an answer to different time situations. buBble comprises a basic kit for up to two days’ stays, and various kit accessories that will complement the needs of long stays.

buBbLe is a project by Studio MMASA (Patricia Muñiz + Luciano G. Alfaya) and the architect-artist Cipriano Chas. More pictures after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

Transparent Gadgets Attack

Inspired by “Transparent Gadgets and Creative Designs” post by, See all Read the rest of this entry »