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Sticker Phone by Liu Hsiang-Ling

Sticker Phone by Liu Hsiang-Ling

The Sticker Phone concept is designed by Liu Hsiang-Ling. Since most of us place our phone near windows for better signal reception, Liu put on a solar panel to the back of the phone and giving it a slight arch so that it can stick (via suction) to the window glass to absorb sunshine for power. The Sticker phone is made with polysiloxane (silicone) and can be made feasible. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

Star Trek USB Communicator VOIP Phone

Star Trek USB Communicator

This is the fully licensed from the Star Trek TV series and the only official replica of the original series communicator. Its a VOIP phone with built in microphone and speaker also allows it to be used for two way voice communication with most popular instant online internet messaging systems such as Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM and iChat. More pictures, information and video after the jump Continue reading »