Prism 200 Lets You See Through Wall

Prism 200 is a handheld through-wall radar designed by a UK company called Cambridge Consultants, which has been designed to be used by police, special forces or the emergency services. its claimed can see through walls. It works using ultrawide-band radar. It can only see objects that are moving, but that includes the movement from breathing or even a beating heart.

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Twilight Zone by SATO Shintaro

Very inspiring pics of Tokyo townscape by SATO Shintaro. These amazing pictures was taken from emergency staircase of multi-tenant buildings and of apartment houses with using a large format camera (4×5-inch). For SATO Shintaro profile and more pictures Continue reading “Twilight Zone by SATO Shintaro” – Free Image Of The Day! Free Stock Photos, This Images or Textures from is for anyone to use in just about any way they’d like. So Check back often for more – Free Image Of The Day!.

3d rendered image of blank papers or documents. You can fill the blank papers with some images or arts works. View sample here.

2491*1734 pixels

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Hottie Heater By Arpan Maiti

Innovative portable beverage heaters by Arpan Maiti, its using as the conductive metal, with 3 modular containers that can hold instant coffee, creme, and sugar.The drinking cup hides the 3 containers on a heating base with retractable cord. Just remove the containers, invert the cup and set it on the base. Mix your drink and plug it in. More Hottie heater pictures Continue reading “Hottie Heater By Arpan Maiti”

Brooklyn Pastry Giant Wiimote Cake by Roshel Michaeli

A 9-year-old boy received a big Wiimote birthday cake. His parents requested the cake at the Schicks Gourmet Bakery that cost $360. The pastry chef Roshel Michaeli have to precisely measuring the actual Wiimote before scaling it into the big one, remain actual ratio. It’s a chocolate cake coated with edible rolled fondant, that’s why it looks so real. For measurement sheet Continue reading “Brooklyn Pastry Giant Wiimote Cake by Roshel Michaeli”