The N3 Zipper Dress by Sebastian Errazuriz

Zipper Dress

When it is time to be sexy just unzip off some, you can just zip or unzip it to whatever style or length desired. This is the N3 zipper dress by Sebastian Errazuriz which has 120 metal zippers. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “The N3 Zipper Dress by Sebastian Errazuriz”

Morfojet Armchair by Gianni Pedone

Mortofojet Armchair

This is the conceptual Morfojet Armchair by Designer Gianni Pedone. He will show off this piece at this year’s milan design week. Pedone’s morfojet armchair comes in the form of jet turbines, it has built-in CD player and speakers and an AUX input for your MP3 player. Another picture after the jump. Continue reading “Morfojet Armchair by Gianni Pedone”

Book Time Robot

Book Time

It is called the Book Time, developed by Electric Machine works Japan. This invention has won the robot of the year award for the year 2008 in the medium category. The robot is useful in old age home and libraries where old patrons can easily read through newspaper and heavy books. Continue reading “Book Time Robot”

Nissan Nismo 370Z

Nissan nismo 370Z

Here’s the Nissian Nismo 370Z. It is a faster and sportier version of Z powered by a 3.7-liter V6, churning out 350hp mated with a close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission with Nissan’s new SynchroRev Match functionality that automatically controls and adjusts engine speed when shifting. Other uniques include an ultra-lightweight 19-inch Rays forged alloy wheels wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport rubber, 14-inch front and 13.8-inch rear Nismo sport brakes, HID xenon headlights, Nissan Intelligent Key push-button start, and a unique racing-inspired body kit. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Nissan Nismo 370Z”

Rumor: Microsoft Zune HD

Zune HD

Hey guys, here are a few leaked shots which are related to the Microsoft Zune. Rumor says it could be the Zune HD. Not so sure about that but looks like there will be new Zune coming for sure. There are no specs, pricing and availability at the time. Check out more pictures after the jump.
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