Samsung SPF-87H Photo Frame


Samsung Korea has launched an 8-inch ultra-slim digital photo frame called ‘SPF-87H’ with ToC (Touch of Color). It can be used as a mini monitor, connecting to PC via USB cable. The device comes with 800 x 480 resolution, a built-in 1GB memory, automatic on-off control, photo slide show and multi clock function. According to the report, there will be 10-inch model ‘SPF-107H’ coming in May. The 8-inch SPF-87H is available now, priced at 145,000(KRW). Another picture after the jump
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P-mate lets Women Pee like Men


Soon, you will see urinal for ladies, but for now take a look at the P-mate, a device for women that lets them pee like man. LOL WTF! It is said to be extremely useful during camping, long hiking, or any other situation when women can’t find their washroom. You are now thinking how to use it: Alright ladies, simply pop open the P-Mate and move your panties aside and place the cupped area under your hole. Aim it tunnel to the right place, relax… and pee…… after that you can’t keep it light man, you will need dispose it. Don’t ask where to buy, I think you can make one yourself. Hot babes peeing after the jump.
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How to Make a Bytelight with RAM Sticks


If you have a store of useless RAM sticks, here’s something you can do with it, a high-tech mood light, called The Bytelight. You will need 3 rows of 21, 256K 30 pin SIMMS”, 12″ x 12″ plexiglass or lexan, 1.5-inch thick plywood, sheet metal, a light fixure, sheet metal, and screws. And now, watch the video after the jump.
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Nintendo DSi disassembled!!!

Nintendo DSi Disassembled

Any idea how a naked Nintendo DSi look like? iFixit has tear them apart and put them nicely. DSi uses a smaller battery 840mAh rechargeable battery compared to 1000mAh for its brother DS Lite. You will also see Samsung 1st generation MoviNAND KMAPF0000M: 256 MB NAND Flash and MMC controller, Fujitsu Ltd 128-bit FCRAM (fast-cycle RAM) chip and Nintendo’s custom ARM CPU on the board. More pictures after the jump.
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