Panasonic SV-ME850V Portable TV

Panasonic SV-ME850V Portable TV

This is the Panasonic SV-ME850V, a 1Seg waterproof portable TV with AM/FM radio. It has a 5” QVGA screen and it is capable of playing WMA, MP3 and AAC audio files directly from SD and SDHC cards and do TV recording up to 11 hours with 32GB SDHC card and this portable TV can be used as a digital frame too. A full charge will get you 11 hours in TV mode.

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I Miss You Ring

I Miss You Ring

Can’t live without your loved one? What about getting he/she this “I Miss You” Ring. It is made of a custom made stamp and sterling silver and you can customize your size.

Bold and subtle and brave declarations of love to be left on bedside notes, at the bottom of a letter or a sweetheart’s wrist, over their heart, along the nape of their neck… little traces of love left behind.

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Creative Milk Packaging

Milk Packaging

This idea is quite creative, making the milk packaging looks better than usual boring packaging. But I’m sure this will cost more than the usual packaging. Who is willing to pay extra just for the packaging, I rather spend extra cash for extra milk.

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LEGO Nintendo DSi


This gigantic LEGO Nintendo DSi was shown at the Nintendo World Store at Rockefeller Center in New York City. It is made of 51, 324 LEGO bricks. View more pictures and Watch the sculpture come together (45 seconds) video Continue reading “LEGO Nintendo DSi”