Cool Airbrushed Helmets

custom paint airbrushed fullface helmets

An email from anonymous about a very cool collection of custom paint airbrushed fullface helmets. Enjoy Continue reading “Cool Airbrushed Helmets”

As Fast As I Can

As Fast As I Can

Isn’t that cool to have a animal gauge in your car? Too bad that’s not the real, it is the print on the T-shirt. This t-shirt was given a name call “As Fast As I Can” by its designer, Thomas De Santis. It’s available for girl, guy and kid, $18 each.

As Fast As I Can

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Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis Drifter

Hyundai Genesis Drifting

Rhys Millen Racing has custom built a Hyundai Genesis specially use for drifting. It is powered by a Nissan-sourced turbocharged V6 engine, producing that produces 560hp. In addition, it has been added with mostly carbon-fiber body, dive planes and huge rear wing, there’s a carbon-fiber rear diffuser – a device designed to further increase downforce and increase cornering speed. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis Drifter”

This is When You Become a Yahoo Engineer

Yahoo Engineer Desk

If you are a Yahoo engineer, your working space will be something like this. This is Jeremy Johnstone’s cubicle, he’s a Yahoo engineer and photographer. Wow! Four HDTVs, three Apple Cinema Displays and a MacBook Air. I wondered what about other Yahoo staff. Continue reading “This is When You Become a Yahoo Engineer”