8bitone for iPhone

8bitone for iPhone

Japanese devs Yudo has come out with the 8bitone for the Apple iPhone, an application that allows you to create ya own 8-bit soundtracks, like those found in NES game in the olden days. The App will hit the App Store in June, a demonstration has been created, check it out after the jump. Continue reading “8bitone for iPhone”

Hybrid Seven Roadster by Eric Stoddard

Hybrid Seven Roadster

This is the Hybrid Seven Roadster by designer Eric Stoddard, inspired by Lotus Super 7. The car is made of structural foam panels, sandwiched between layers of carbon fiber.

“Projected weight is under 450kg, and incredible performance can be achieved using minimum mechanicals. The faceted shape is a direct result of its panelized construction.”

More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Hybrid Seven Roadster by Eric Stoddard”

Best Motoring: Super Sports Tuned Battle

Best Motoring: Super Sports Tuned Battle

Watch the Super Sports Tuned Battle in the episode of Best Motoring, featuring Advance Auto ZO6, Shadow Sports R35 GT-R, TiRacing Exige, RSD 360, and Porsche GT3 RS on the track. 3 videos after the jump, ready with your popcorn? Continue reading “Best Motoring: Super Sports Tuned Battle”

iXing Vitamin MP3 Player

Vitamin MP3 Player

Need some vitamin? Sangnam Park has designed a MP3 player concept called iXing aka Vitamin. It plays MP3 and WMA and comes with 7 presets equalizer, USB connect and a FM tuner that support 30 channel plus recording. It measures 25.2(W) x 69(H)mm and planning for mass production on June 2009. Continue reading “iXing Vitamin MP3 Player”