World’s Smallest Microwave

World's Smallest Microwave

Heinz has created the world’s smallest microwave which measures only 7.4inches tall by 6.2in wide and 5.9in deep. It is designed by microwave expert Gordon Andrews and Stephen Frazer, an authority on industrial design and managing director of Frazer Designers. The little microwave is powered by the USB port so it can be place right beside you in the office or home work desk.

“It works by the use of a combination of mobile phone radio frequencies to create the heat to cook both on the outside and within in under a minute.”

This little machine is capable of reheating a pie, a burger, a cup of soup or tea in quick time. Current still under prototype. Continue reading “World’s Smallest Microwave”

iPhone 3G S

iPhone 3G S

Booo… it’s not him, I mean, it is not the one with matte casing yesterday.

Apple has announced its new iPhone in the WWDC 2009 yesterday and this new iPhone is called the iPhone 3G S. iPhone 3G S will cost $199 for the 16GB and $299 for the 32GB, it’s available for preorder now in Apple store, release date on June 19.

The iPhone 3G S is running on the new iPhone 3.0 OS which going to be released on the June 17th. It features a 3.0-megapixel camera with auto focus and video recording capability, a voice control (something similar to iPod Shuffle), built in compass, cut/copy/paste function, landscape view keyboard, 7.2 Mbps HSDPA, Spotlight search (allow you to search all your contacts, email, calendars, and notes), MMS (this late summer with AT&;T) and the Built-in Nike + iPod support.

Videos after the jump. Continue reading “iPhone 3G S”

Samsung’s Elegant New SyncMaster 50 Series

Samsung SyncMaster

Samsung has released a new hot chick the SyncMaster P2050G (20”) and P2350G (23”), and two new LCD monitors in Korea. They come with a 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 2ms response time, Full HD resolution and Samsung ToC Crystal Rose black bezel. Continue reading “Samsung’s Elegant New SyncMaster 50 Series”

Kambala by Ilshat Garipov

Kambala by Ilshat Garipov

Kambala is a mobile phone concept designed by Ilshat Garipov which can be transformed into an earphone. With it, you do not need to carry your headset around or worst you forgotten to bring one out. So, with this Kambala, you can just pop the center piece and the earpiece clip pings out, clip it to your ear and you’ve got yourself a phone-earphone. It features multilayered Polymer which hosts all the electronic components is used in its construction and a continuous flexi-screen with plenty of sensors makeup the surface and capable of transmiting the image on the inside of the phone to the outside. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Kambala by Ilshat Garipov”