GP2X Wiz Portable Game Console

GP2X Wiz

This is the touchscreen GP2X Wiz from ThinkGeek. It can plays MAME games, Amiga, Commodore 64, and even Sega Genesis and SNES. Besides playing games, you can also play video files including MPEG4, Xvid and DIVX and there’s also built in e-book reader, calendar, voice recorder etc. There’s 1GB built-in memory and you can expand it with SD (SDHC) card slot. The GP2X Wiz is available at $180. Video after the jump. Continue reading “GP2X Wiz Portable Game Console”

Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

Flatshare Fridge

Wow that’s cool! This is the Flatshare Fridge concept designed by Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. It is designed for students or people who share fridge in a house. The fridge consists of a base station and up to 4 stackable modules and each module can be customized with varios skins and different add on. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger”

Street Fighter IV Characters Switched Moves And Faces

Street Fighter IV characters

Now we have the Street Fighter IV is PC, and some PC gamers manage crack it and done some silly hacks. You will see the character switch up the moves and created a special Sakura. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Street Fighter IV Characters Switched Moves And Faces”