iPhone Game: iMaze (Free at limited time)


The iMaze is a maze game for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available for free at limited. Its normal price will be $1.99.

iMaze is a maze game in which you drive the iron ball to the goal by tilting iPhone or iPod Touch. Does it sound easy? However there are many traps in the way. Traps include:
– Chewing gums: If the ball rolls over a gum, it moves slower.
– Black holes: If the ball falls into a black hole, it pops out of any one of white holes in the maze.

The ball should get to the goal in 20 seconds. Time limits are getting shorter as you go on to higher level stages.

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iPhone Game: Car Jack Streets (free limited time only)

iPhone Game: Car Jack Streets

The $4.99 Car Jack Streets is available for free only today. The game is designed and developed by members of the original Grand Theft Auto creative team.

You are Randal Meyers a small time player in a big city. Your gambling debts to the Italian mob are a million dollars and they are calling in the debt. Do you have what it takes to stay alive, pay your debt and rise to the top of the criminal underworld? You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle, shoot up the city with high power weapons and take on both legal and illegal jobs to earn that cash. Just payback Frankie on time or you’re a dead man!

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