World’s Most Expensive Car Wash

Most Expensive Car Wash

If you have a super car, will you wash it yourself or paying the specialist to wash it? What about a US$10,989 car wash by Gurcharn Sahota?

“Car fanatic Gurcharn Sahota, 30, started cleaning neighbours’ motors for FREE with a bucket and sponge when he was a teenager. Gurcharn has now built his own Formula 1 style pit garage where wealthy drivers pay up to £7,000-a-time for a luxury car wash. He travels with up to 100 different cleaning fluids that need special clearance at customs. The wax alone he uses costs a cool £8,200 a tub.”

Gurcharn Sahota will “work for up to 250 hours on a single car and use gear such as a kit of 100 cleaning solutions, a microscope, wax priced at over $12,000 per tub, and a special paint gauge to leave cars perfectly spotless.

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Apple Magic Trackpad Teardown

Magic Trackpad Teardown

iFixit has taken apart the new released Apple multi-touch pad known as the Magic Trackpad.

“The Magic Trackpad has a unique way of triggering the mouse button. As you press down on the top surface of the Trackpad, the two rubber feet near its front edge push up on the hinged plate and set screw (shown in orange) attached to the chassis. This squeezes the electronic mouse button switch (shown in red), producing the characteristic “click”.”

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Table Surface made from Ceramic Plates

 Table Surface made from Ceramic Plates

That’s pretty cool, let’s eat direct from table. The table surface is a combination of three types of dishes made from ceramics. Yeah you table is your plate for food, after meal just put the table into dish washer. Designed by Elad Kashi. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Table Surface made from Ceramic Plates”

Beer Saver

Beer Saver

Not everyone can finish a bottle a time and that’s why to do they have the thing called the beer saver. Comes in 6 different colors, the beer saver is a silicone cap that fits standard bottles and keep the drink fresh. Also check the 10 good things of beer saver.

1 beersavers are durable, stretchy molded beer bottle cap charms.
2 beersavers are designed to help keep beer fresh and safe.
3 beersavers are dishwasher safe and reusable.
4 beersavers are made of food-safe silicone.
5 beersavers come in multi-colored sets of 6 – the perfect party pack.
6 beersavers make a great housewarming or hostess gift for any beer lover.
7 beersavers fit most standard beer bottles and some larger style beer bottles.
8 beersavers make for a great talking point at any dinner party or beer tasting party.
9 beersavers help homebrewers keep their beer bottles clean and sterile before bottling.
10 beersavers help keep your beer safely identified when in clubs, bars and restaurants.

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