A Quickie, Random Post (What is happening on the net?) #2

Jorymon A Quicky, Random Post (Whats is happening on the net?)

Car Crazy Desks

Powermat Wireless Charger

Harmonica With The FlashHarp USB Drive

The newest Get A Mac Ad

Viper Logo Is Daffy Duck’s Face Upside-Down

This is why I dislike Microsoft…

Peugeot Art

Android 2.0 Review: Almost Human

Top Five Weirdest iPhone Apps

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Playboy Bunny Halloween Costume

Get Off My Ferrari, Goat!

15 of the Hottest Fembots of All Time

Pro Chef Kitchen set from Pottery Barn Kids

The Best And Worst Places To Work By Average Salary

Portrait Of Man With Xbox Controller And Frilly Collar Conquering Aliens

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