The “Next” 2013 Apple’s Products

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

Year 2012 will soon over and 2013 is coming soon. Apple is known as a trend setter, what’s going to be Apple’s next killer product?

Here are the expected products launched in the year 2013.

1. Apple Television (iTV)

During the year 2012, Apple is doing a refresher on almost all its product lines. Starting from the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbook, iMac to the Apple TV.

Apple TV is expected to be the opening product in the early years of Apple products to be refreshed. Although not as good as the iPad or iPhone sales, Apple TV seems worth placed as the main product to release.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

2. Apple TV Apps Store

They already introduced since 2006, the Apple TV with the iOS operating system has not had a lot of applications that can be used. This is where Apple introduces Apple TV App store.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

3. iPad Mini With Retina Display

With a smaller screen – almost 8 inch – The new iPad Mini is sure to please millions this holiday season. However, an issue on the iPad Mini is the screen quality still the same as on the older iPad.

Well, if next year Apple will issue a new update for the iPad Mini, Apple could have increased the iPad Mini Screen Resolution in the same way as it did for the iPhone 5. iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display? Why not.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

4. iRadio

Apple reportedly is going to launch iRadio which is a streaming radio service similar to Pandora.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

5. iOS 7

Apple always introduces the newest operating system on the event of Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The event will be held in July.

So, it is almost certain that Apple will introduce a new iOS in the seventh month. Not surprised if this new iOS will be iOS 7. As we all know Google Maps and YouTube is gone in iOS6 and there are problems with Apple Maps.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

6. OS X 10.9 – LYNX

There are going to be a new “Cat” inside the Macbook next year. It’s rumored OS X 10.9 will use the name Lynx. Well, what about the features?

There is a close source that says Apple’s OS X Lynx is in the testing phase and will be ready to be presented in 2013. The first feature to be disclosed is, embedding Siri to the Mac by Apple.

Embedding Siri on Macs is interesting, because it would certainly shift of Dictation – a similar application of Siri in Mac. Dictation itself is made by the same infrastructure and hardware with Siri.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

7.iPhone 5S

Eventually Apple will announce the iPhone 5S predicted to be present in the summer. Why? This version is a continuation of the tradition of Apple pinning the word ‘S’ as a sign of the iPhone is merely an update.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

8. iPad 5

Latest analyst predictions have suggested that the fifth-generation iPad will touch down next year. There is yet no clue of what it would be like, They will obviously make it slimmer, thinner and faster than ever before.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

9. Cheaper iPhone

iPhone is known as a premium smartphone. The phone is quite successful in developing country, but has not reached all developing countries. It’s highly expected in next year, Apple will come out with the cheaper iPhone for China, India or others countries.

'The Next 2013 Apple's Products

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