T-Pain – Auto-Tune iPhone App

T-Pain - Auto-Tune iPhone App

Buy U a Drank – I Am T-Pain – Auto-Tune iPhone App is an iPhone app that lets you have your own voice sounds Auto-tuned. Launch the I Am T-Pain app and step into the shoes of the famous hip-hop singer, songwriter, and producer. Select your favorite track. And just sing into the Mic on your iPhone. I Am T-Pain will record your new song. Video demo after the jump. Continue reading “T-Pain – Auto-Tune iPhone App”

Real Lighter Cufflinks

Lighter Cufflinks

They are REAL Working vintage cufflinks in a silvery color that were once dispensed in gumball machines approximately 50 years ago. The lighters are now collectors items. They are unused condition and in working order!

This is not a normal cufflinks, the vintage lighter cufflinks can be light up like a real lighter. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Real Lighter Cufflinks”