Prison-themed Restaurant

Prison-themed Restaurant

Here’s one unique restaurant you can find in Tokyo, Japan. It is called the prison-themed restaurant. Patrons are escorted to the cell and they served things like “Lethal Injection” cocktails, Incest Salad, Adultery dish etc. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Prison-themed Restaurant”

DIY: The Simple Sequencer

DIY: Simple Sequencer by Randy Sarafan

Now you can make your own remix with this Simple Sequencer. Randy Sarafan will shows us how to make this simple sequencer. It does the same thing over and over again in an eight note sequence. You can adjust the frequency of the note, the duration of the note and the pause between notes. Continue reading “DIY: The Simple Sequencer”

Taylor Swift’s Dreams – Funny CMT Awards 2009 Opening

Taylor Swift's Dreams - Funny CMT Awards 2009 Opening

Have you watch the video? OMG its just so funny, do you want to know how funny that is? She sneaked in to Star Trek Starship and then she’s in the NFL, this is the coolest one, she’s in the rap video with T-Pain, I want that BIG ASS CHAIN. It’s a dream come true. LOL. Watch the video Continue reading “Taylor Swift’s Dreams – Funny CMT Awards 2009 Opening”