Bike Stuns by Danny MacAskill

Danny Macaskill

Watch cool bicycle stun by the Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill. This video is the compilation of his school stuns and failures were shown at the starting. The coolest part is when he jump off from one roof to another roof. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Bike Stuns by Danny MacAskill”

Jeri Ellsworth’s Nintendo Purse

Nintendo Purse

This is Jeri Ellsworth and her purse with built-in Nintendo game console. When you’re but just select a game from the list and start off anytime. The LCD is taken from a portable DVD player and the device is powered by an 8 amp hour battery, which last for 9 hours.
Nintendo Purse

Video after the jump. Continue reading “Jeri Ellsworth’s Nintendo Purse”

Nissan GT-R Vertical Door Kit

GT-R Vertical Door Kit

Good news to all that owned a GT-R. LSD has developed the world’s first Nissan GT-R vertical door kit which expected to be priced at $2522. It includes a guided roller system and a buffer system to prevent the doors from being opened too wide or from dropping down. According to the company, this system will make the car looks even nicer and offers more safety and more precise in opening and closing the door. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Nissan GT-R Vertical Door Kit”

Wireless Arcade Joystick made of Xbox 360

Xbox Wireless Joystick

SRK member Akira Kuramoto has created a better version of arcade joystick with Xbox 360 main console. This is slightly better than the previous version as it is a wireless version and comes with colored button and a clear bubble top as well. There are LEDs behind the button which will light up when the button is pushed. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Wireless Arcade Joystick made of Xbox 360”