iPhone Game: Blue Skies (Free at limited time)

Blue Skies

The Blue Skies for the iPhone and iPod Touch is available for free today. This plane shooting game features 30 levels of high-paced action, bonus items, a host of different weapons, and a random level generator for endless fun.

You are a new recruit at the elite Blue Skies Air Force Academy. Master Sergeant Harris is teaching you to fly a helicopter when the evil Hans Kraven interrupts and begins invading your country! It is your job to prevent Hans and his eccentric henchmen Bruno, Rachel, and the mysterious ninja Takeshi from world domination.

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Anytime Golf: Magic Touch

Anytime Golf: Magic Touch

Anytime Golf: Magic Touch is going for free today. Normal price at $0.99.

“Slide your finger down across the touch surface to perform your backswing, then flick up for the downswing. Your skill and grace controls the power and accuracy of your shot! Tournament mode: Unlock new challenges by competing in 9 and 18 hole competitions. There are 6 challenges total!”

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