iPhone Game: Spill Da’ Milk (Free at limited time)

iPhone Game: Spill Da Milk

SPILL DA’ MILK is a pretty addictive game so don’t miss your bus while playing. It is the macho classic carnival game where you try to knock down all the milk bottles with one throw. Our version features two Game Modes. In “Quick Play” you get unlimited balls to knock down as many as bottles as you can before time runs out and earn bonuses for knocking down a whole stack. The game’s “Progressive Play” mode features six-bottles stacks, special bonus bottles and progressive multi-level game play. It goes for free for limited time. Download after the jump. Continue reading “iPhone Game: Spill Da’ Milk (Free at limited time)”

OMG is it the one?

iPhone 4G

iPhone 4G pictures are everywhere recently. Gizmodo has got their hands with the device. According to the source, the iPhone 4G will come with front camera, LED flash, improved back camera, higher resolution, noise cancellation, split buttons for volume and a micro SIM instead of the standard one. The phone slightly heavy just 3g, 16% larger battery, more squarish and running on the OS4.0. Take a look at the video after the jump. Continue reading “OMG is it the one?”