4K Downloads In 2 Weeks iPhone App By Nine-Year Old Kid

Nine-year old Lim Ding Wen from Singapore has created a painting program called Doodle Kids which has been downloaded over 4,000 times in just 2 weeks from the Apple App Store.

The app lets iPhone users draw with their fingers, and then clear the screen by shaking the phone. Go ahead and check out Doodle Kids right here (it’s FREE). Continue reading “4K Downloads In 2 Weeks iPhone App By Nine-Year Old Kid”

LG KS660 Dual-SIM Phone

The LG KS660 is the latest dual-SIM phone (without having to switch SIM cards) from LG which runs on tri-band network. It has a 3.0-inch WQVGA (240×400) TFT touch-screen display with feedback, 5.0-megapixel camera with autofocus, flash, and video recording (720×480), 50MB internal memory, microSDHC slot and integrated accelerometer. The phone will hit China, Russia and few more places by early 2009. Europe and US will still need to wait. More pics Continue reading “LG KS660 Dual-SIM Phone”

Hello Kitty C90, is that a phone?

If you have successfully got a date with a cute anime freak girl on Valentine’s day, this will be a perfect gift to her. The first look is telling you that it is a Hello Kitty Tamagochi, guess what? It is a cell phone, a freakin’ small cell phone, some more with touch screen. It has a 2.0 inches touchscreen, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, FM radio, MP3 / MP4 player and a damn cool flash light. This phone is costing you a hundred plus dollars. Booked her first before getting this Hello Kitty phone for her. Continue reading “Hello Kitty C90, is that a phone?”