Sudoku Magic By MagicSolver

Sudoku Magic By MagicSolver

MagicSolver is a new start-up company built by 3 Cambridge University students, Emmanuel, Leon & Oliver (the CUE iSolve team).

Sudoku Magic is an new iPhone app that takes photos of Sudoku puzzles and solves them for you! You can also play the puzzles you capture, or save them in your Puzzle Library for later. It even generates ullimited puzzles on your iPhone, so you never run out of Sudoku! Video demo after the jump

1. You take a picture of any Sudoku game in a newspaper with your iPhone
2. You get the answer in just a few seconds!

Why Sudoku Magic? 5 good reasons!
1. If you get stuck playing a Sudoku game in your favourite newspaper and don’t want to wait until the next day for the answer!
2. If you want to check your answers!
3. If you want some hints on how to solve it!
4. If you want to save your favourite Sudoku game on your iPhone to play later without carrying your newspaper!
5. … just to impress your friends.

Sudoku Magic is available for only $1.99 on the App Store!


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  1. I bought both apps, Sudoku Magic and Sudoku Grab. Both are very good, but if you have to pick one, go for Sudoku Magic, much more accurate to capture a newspaper and has a really useful rating system to evaluate the difficulty of each puzzle you capture.

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