Giant Button Cell Phone For Grandpa

Giant Button Cell Phone For Grandpa

The 6380 Senior Mobile Phone ($75 USD) does actually have a few handy features, including a built in flashlight, and a giant “SOS” button on the back that can automatically dial a pre-set emergency number, and emit a loud warning alarm. It’s also got a minimal display with large on-screen fonts, and a whopping 128×60 screen resolution…Read the rest of this entry »

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  1. I’m alarmed at my first glance on this page. The featured phone here looks very similar to Just5 phone. Actually, my father is using a Just5 phone. I just wondered why the phone in this page is only offered for $75; Just5 phone is offered for $119.9. It’s almost half the price. I hope I’m wrong with what I’m thinking, but I still encourage the old folks out there to go for Just5 phone instead of this one.

    My father has his Just5 phone for more than a year now and it still functions well. He got the worth of his dollars. Actually, more than the worth of the dollars he invested for this phone. This device really functions well and never fails to satisfy its user. I’m not sure with the one featured here. But hello! Since it’s never easy to earn money, consumers should be very wise with the stuffs that they are buying.

  2. Wow…the keys are huge on this phone but it’s a little pricey. A better option would be TracFone SVC..the keys are also big (although not as big), they are lit and also hearing aid compatible. The big plus, the phone only costs $15 and service about $7 a month. Also, it has a GPS locating device and fre 911 calls. Can’t go wrong for this price!

  3. Have to agree with Janice T. on this one. My grandpa actually has the SVC phone, his vision is not so great but he’s managed fine with the keys on the SVC which obviously are smaller than the ones on the phone featured here. As a lot of seniors are retired and on limited income, it’s a lot more practical.

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