Homemade Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Homemade Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Someone has just created a semi-automatic shotgun.

“Creator: I have designed and patents pending on this.. Its a beltfed 12 gauge upper receiver for a ar-15 or m16 lower receiver. It uses your lower receiver, so if you have a ar15 its a semi auto shotgun, however if you have a registered m16 lower or a drop in auto sear it becomes a full auto 12 gauge machine gun. This is a prototype model and all the bugs arent worked out quite yet. Most of the problems that I have encountered revolve around the shotgun sheels not being consistent enough to eject sometimes.”

Video after the jump.

[via Techeblog]

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  1. i hope you are able to get it to work & are able to make it a little less bulky because ive always had that idea in my head & wished one day someone would make it a reality

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