Custom USB Flash Drives

A collections of custom shape usb flash drives. My fav one is Oh Maria USB Drive by Luis Eslava, a Spanish product designer. Only 1000 of the Oh Maria USB drives were made. They are featured in contemporary art museums and exhibitions around the world. For more details

Beluga Whale USB Drive, USB drive for Georgia Aquarium.

Benchmade Bali-Song USB

EuroTire USB Drive

Border Sauce USB Drive

Ruat Trucking USB Drive

Oh Maria USB Drive

Atlantic City CardDisk Slider USB Drives

Gold Brick Custom USB Drives

McDonald’s FlashBands

Red Stripe Custom Shaped USB Drives

Victoria’s Secret Woodsman USB Drives

Versus Country Magnum USB Drives

Georgia Pop-Can USB Drives

View many more custom usb flash drives USB Flickr Group and Usb-ish Flickr Group

[via Molotalk’s Flickr]

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  1. hi…im interested to buy your custom pendrive……and i want to know the pricelist of the product.

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