iPhone 3G S Transforms Into Apple Netbook

iPhone 3G S Transforms Into Apple Netbook

It’s a short CG render by Manual Eder of Airos-Design, showing an iPhone app that will transforms your iPhone 3G S into an Apple netbook. Video after the jump. Continue reading “iPhone 3G S Transforms Into Apple Netbook”

Jorymon.com – Free Image Of The Day!

Jorymon.com Free Stock Photos, This Images or Textures from jorymon.com is for anyone to use in just about any way they’d like. So Check back often for more Jorymon.com – Free Image Of The Day!.

3d rendered image of blank papers or documents. You can fill the blank papers with some images or arts works. View sample here.

2491*1734 pixels

To download this image Continue reading “Jorymon.com – Free Image Of The Day!”


Lego will test launch its “Digital Box” an augmented reality interactive machine, together with a camera and display screen, the software lets LEGO paackaging reveal its contents fully-assembled within live 3D animated scenes. It’s built by German company Metalo and will be installed in toy stores around the world. More pic Continue reading “LEGO’S DIGITAL BOX”

Lemon – Sink Design by Cenk KARA

Inspired by sliced lemon shape. LEMON sink is perfect for cute and trendy toilets.
Cenk KARA is a Designer & 3D visualisation artist Turkey, Mugla / Bodrum. More Pics Continue reading “Lemon – Sink Design by Cenk KARA”