Death Race Style Chevy Camaro By Russian Students

Build Death Race Style Chevy Camaro By Russian Students

This year’s Moscow Tuning Show featured a special car, a ’70s Chevrolet Camaro modified by a team of students from Russian MHPI design school to look like a car from last year’s movie Death Race (which was a remake of the 1975 movie Death Race 2000). The Russian students used matte-grey paint for the Camaro and fitted it with armor plates and weapons, making it look like it came right out of Hollywood movie sets. View more pictures Continue reading “Death Race Style Chevy Camaro By Russian Students”

Wild West Special-Edition Hummer?

Wild West Special-Edition Hummer

Its a Hummer H3 with Wagon Wheels, a work of art by Matthew Harrison. The H3 is on display courtesy of the Limoncello gallery in East London. Described as a “mixture of art, engineering and motoring,” the H3 has been refitted with wooden wagon wheels, as seen in the photos. There was no comment as to how the wheels affect the H3’s off-road ability or cornering performance. Check this out and interesting image of Hummer vs Schoolbus. More pictures of Wild West Special-Edition Hummer Continue reading “Wild West Special-Edition Hummer?”