Fifth Gear: Nissan 370Z

Fifth Gear: Nissan 370Z

In this Fifth Gear show, Tiff is testing out the Nissan 370Z at what used to be one of the fastest race circuits in Europe Reims, in France. Tiff loved the old 350Z but not sure with 370Z, because Nissan claiming everything changed on the new car. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Fifth Gear: Nissan 370Z”

Hydrogen Scorpion by Ronn Motors

Scorpion by Ronn Motors

Scorpion by Ronn Motors has a system that is completely safe and uses water from your garden hose to create hydrogen on demand. This 450hp Hydrogen Scorpion gets 40MPG.

The hydrogen is mixed with 91-octane gasoline to improve the fuel economy and reduce the emissions of the car’s 3.5-liter internal combustion engine.

Though it save fuels but you have to spend $150,000 for this car. Is that a great deal?
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