Enicycle The Single Wheel Bike

Enicycle single wheel transportation

The EniCycle or electric unicycle by Aleksander Polutnik is very simple to use single wheel transportation. Average user can learn to ride it in less as 30 minutes. It’s electrical driven, it doesn’t cause any noise or gas emissions. 30 km driving distance with one battery charging and during downhill driving the battery is recharged. Direction steering is done by pressing on the left/right foot rest. Picture and video demo after the jump. Continue reading “Enicycle The Single Wheel Bike”

LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

MonkeyLectric have developed a new bike wheel display system for cyclists to show stabilized images and videos on spinning wheels. The system is using the 256 ultra-bright LED’s to display full color moving images. The thing works when bike speeds between 12 to 40 km/h and it is suitable for all weather conditions. The system comes with a starting price of around $2000 per video system and $60 for basic lights system. Video after the jump.
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Bottle Clip By Matthias Ries

Bottle Clip By Matthias Ries

Bottleclip is designed as a cheap bottleholder or advertising gift, that simply snaps onto any standard sized mens bicycle. Due to a normed thread most bottles can be screwed directly into the clip. The target group is certainly not sportive cyclists but rather touring seniors or families that would like to have an extra liter or two easy at hand. Bottleclip provides liquid nutrition without a long search in the panniers. It is easy to install, easy to use and cheap in production. Pictures after the jump Continue reading “Bottle Clip By Matthias Ries”

Google Employee Bicycle for sale!

Google Bicycle

This Google-branded bicycle was given to all 2000 employees of their Europe-based employees as a way to celebrate Alternative Transportation Day which is on March 22nd.

The bike came as a benefit for Google employees. It has been sparsely used, no wear and tear.

It is available at eBay for auction, starting bid starts at $450. More picture after the jump. Continue reading “Google Employee Bicycle for sale!”

Bike Stuns by Danny MacAskill

Danny Macaskill

Watch cool bicycle stun by the Inspired Bicycles team rider Danny MacAskill. This video is the compilation of his school stuns and failures were shown at the starting. The coolest part is when he jump off from one roof to another roof. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Bike Stuns by Danny MacAskill”