Birthday Candelabra – White

Birthday Candelabra - White

Traditional birthday candles are fine for a kid’s cupcake, but they don’t help create a special mood for that certain someone. If you want a little ambiance to go with that Belgian chocolate cake, then our Birthday Candelabra is here to help light the way. It’s an elegant candle with three wicks – but who’s counting? These fabulous Candelabra Birthday candles are available in white or silver and measure 12.5cm high. Priced at £2.99. More picture after the jump Continue reading “Birthday Candelabra – White”

Hand Candles

Hand Candles
Live Long and Prosper (Vulcan)

That looks like a real one, whose hand missing? These hand-shaped candles are handmade. It measures around 10″ t x 7″ w x 4″ d. There are three types to choose from ~ the Vulcan, rock on and the middle finger (nice one) and they have about 3 hours of burn time. Each will cost you $72.00. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Hand Candles”