Cat Powered Auto Feeder

Cat Powered Auto Feeder

Instructables is going to show you how to make a Cat Powered Auto Feeder. Let your cat grab some food by itself. You will need knife, scissors, drill for making holes and materials include clamp type paper clip, rubber bands, golf ball, wire (bread) tie, round food container, 2 liters pop bottle (not shown) and at least one screw for mounting. Full steps here. Video after the break Continue reading “Cat Powered Auto Feeder”

The Love Of Animals!

The Love of Animals!

Lol, this video just made my day, The adorable monkey showing the love to the cat with kiss.

The Love of Animals By Ron Hevener

If we aspire to better ourselves, to become true of heart and true to our deepest emotions, animals are the most genuine and unaffected examples for us to follow.

Video after the jump. Continue reading “The Love Of Animals!”