Transparent Mobile Phone Concepts by Mac Funamizu

Glassy Phone Concept

These glassy phone concepts were designed by a Tokyo based designed Mac Funamizu. The phones come with transparent screen and keys, simply beautiful and amazing. But all are still under concept. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Transparent Mobile Phone Concepts by Mac Funamizu”

Morfojet Armchair by Gianni Pedone

Mortofojet Armchair

This is the conceptual Morfojet Armchair by Designer Gianni Pedone. He will show off this piece at this year’s milan design week. Pedone’s morfojet armchair comes in the form of jet turbines, it has built-in CD player and speakers and an AUX input for your MP3 player. Another picture after the jump. Continue reading “Morfojet Armchair by Gianni Pedone”

Lemon – Sink Design by Cenk KARA

Inspired by sliced lemon shape. LEMON sink is perfect for cute and trendy toilets.
Cenk KARA is a Designer & 3D visualisation artist Turkey, Mugla / Bodrum. More Pics Continue reading “Lemon – Sink Design by Cenk KARA”

HP’s Firefly Laptop Has Dual-Screens, Multitouch Trackpad

HP’s just revealed a new prototype laptop that’ll be hitting the public view at CES. It is curiously designed: the Firefly has not one but two LCDs, the smaller display sitting beneath the main screen–and the trackpad is repositioned to the right of the keyboard.

[via electronista]