Samsung Mobile Display’s prototype – Transparent Screen

Transparent Screen

Check this out, the Samsung Mobile Display’s prototype. Known as the world’s first and largest transparent OLED prototype. When it is off, the panel is up to 40 percent transparent. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Samsung Mobile Display’s prototype – Transparent Screen”

Samsung’s Flexible OLED Screen says no problem to Hammer

Samsung Flexible OLED Screen

A normal traditional LCD display will break into piece once it got hit by a hammer. Today, Samsung has come out with a 20-micrometer thick flexible OLED prototype that survived the hammer hits and without a scratch. Video after the jump. Continue reading “Samsung’s Flexible OLED Screen says no problem to Hammer”

LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

LED Bike Wheel Video Display System

MonkeyLectric have developed a new bike wheel display system for cyclists to show stabilized images and videos on spinning wheels. The system is using the 256 ultra-bright LED’s to display full color moving images. The thing works when bike speeds between 12 to 40 km/h and it is suitable for all weather conditions. The system comes with a starting price of around $2000 per video system and $60 for basic lights system. Video after the jump.
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Samsung’s Elegant New SyncMaster 50 Series

Samsung SyncMaster

Samsung has released a new hot chick the SyncMaster P2050G (20”) and P2350G (23”), and two new LCD monitors in Korea. They come with a 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, a 2ms response time, Full HD resolution and Samsung ToC Crystal Rose black bezel. Continue reading “Samsung’s Elegant New SyncMaster 50 Series”

NEC CRV43 Curved monitor

NEC CRV43 Curved monitor

Hey dude, NEC has released a curved monitor named Ostendo CRVD-42Dwx+. It was shown at the CES 2009. This display boasts 4 DLP displays with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, .02ms response time, 200cd/m2 brightness and a 2880 x 900 resolution. On store next month, not quite cheap, it costs $7900. One more shot. Continue reading “NEC CRV43 Curved monitor”