How to Make a Bytelight with RAM Sticks


If you have a store of useless RAM sticks, here’s something you can do with it, a high-tech mood light, called The Bytelight. You will need 3 rows of 21, 256K 30 pin SIMMS”, 12″ x 12″ plexiglass or lexan, 1.5-inch thick plywood, sheet metal, a light fixure, sheet metal, and screws. And now, watch the video after the jump.
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SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera

Look, Ma, No batteries!!!. The SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera comes in pieces. Complete set includes a vinyl bag, wrist strap, screw driver and also a wide-angle 28mm wide lens and of course instructions is included. The SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera is available at $28. For more pics Continue reading “SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera”

Game Controllers Soap by DigitalSoaps

Fight viruses and malicious spyware with this super duper soaps. DigitalSoaps is specialize in the manufacture of PCs – Personal Cleansers – in unique geeky shapes.
The soap bases he use are natural – No animal products, animal testing, detergents, sulfates or sugar solutions. For more pictures and where to buy it ? Continue reading “Game Controllers Soap by DigitalSoaps”

SunCats Solar Rechargeable Battery by Knut Karlsen

These prototype solar powered rechargeable batteries called SunCats is designed by Knut Karlsen, is a set of old NiMH rechargeable batteries wrapped in a flexible Photo Voltaic cell created by the Institute for Energy Technology. When low-batt just leave them exposed to sunlight and they will recharge themselves. The PV cells were glued on the battery and wired up using a conductive silver pen and some flat wires found from a broken canon lens. It is still weak in charging at the moment but Knot envisions that a second version with built-in capacitors and electronics will make the charging more efficient. For more pictures Continue reading “SunCats Solar Rechargeable Battery by Knut Karlsen”