Real Lighter Cufflinks

Lighter Cufflinks

They are REAL Working vintage cufflinks in a silvery color that were once dispensed in gumball machines approximately 50 years ago. The lighters are now collectors items. They are unused condition and in working order!

This is not a normal cufflinks, the vintage lighter cufflinks can be light up like a real lighter. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Real Lighter Cufflinks”

Ampersand Faux Cufflinks

Ampersand Faux Cufflinks

For the best-dressed wrist. The cufflink that’s a metaphor for itself: & = and = something that joins things = a cufflink. Useful and stylish as button covers on regular shirts and as cufflinks on French cuff shirts. The ampersand is in venerable Clarendon typeface. Originated in the Fann St. Foundry of Oxford, England in 1845, it’s employed frequently in dictionaries. And now on cuffs. Laser-cut from a single piece of reclaimed stainless steel and powder coated to provide a durable, hard-wearing finish. High style, low environmental impact. Built by Scribble Product Design. Designed in collaboration with Veer. Ampersand Faux Cufflinks priced at USD$49.00. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Ampersand Faux Cufflinks”