Anna Anjos

Colorful Artworks By Anna Anjos

Very unique and colorful artworks by Anna Anjos. She is an illustrator and a graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her artworks also available for purchase in mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Macbook, PC Laptop skins, posters, wallets, t-shirts and wall stickers. I like the Stars wall sticker. More artworks after the jump. Continue reading “Anna Anjos”

Genar De Sio Coppola’s Art

Genar De Sio Coppola Art

Here are some cool vector illustration by Venezuelan Genar De Sio Coppola. It is a very cool at art pieces to be place in bar and pub. These color remind of the “Stylize > Glowing Edges” effect in photoshop. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Genar De Sio Coppola’s Art”

Depthcore XXXVII For Her

Depthcore XXXVII For Her

I think Depthcore could be the best art collective on the Internet. Depthcore Designers have just released a new pack online (Depthcore XXXVII).

The Collective is delighted to release our 37th exhibition, a body of work devoted exclusively to the feminine entitled ‘HER’.

Consisting of a large selection of songs, photographs and illustrations, ‘HER’ is an inspired and considered response from our artists, produced over a six month period and encompassing many of the myriad concepts associated with our broad thematic selection. As a collective, we embarked on an extended creative voyage to examine and represent ideas and realities like maternity, romance, the modern heroine, vulnerability and, of course, beauty.

The end result is an experience worth exploring deeply; we certainly took our time making it, so we hope you can take yours in viewing it!

Justin Maller
Creative Director

View the pack preview here Continue reading “Depthcore XXXVII For Her”