Church Converted Into Home In Kyloe Northumberland

Church Converted Into Home In Kyloe Northumberland

Are you planning to get a new house? How about church as a house, eh? A couple from Kyloe, Northumberland bought and converted this historical church into their house, they let the exterior and interior remain the same as beginning. I don’t think i would dare to play in the back yard or sleeping in the bedroom too, but for halloween party should pretty cool. Pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Church Converted Into Home In Kyloe Northumberland”

IKEA Kids Washable Paint

Painting with IKEA Kids Paint is one of the way to give your child’s creativity a boost. A line of washable interior housepaints for children’s rooms to be sold at IKEA. Paints are catagorized by three basic color groups; warm, cool and pastel, and are graphic and friendly in fitting with the existing IKEA style.

Designed by Katherine Ahn. (Repsponsibilities include concept, design implementation and final production.)

Fonts used: Futura, Gill Sans.

[via Lovely Package]

Erika-Mann Elementary School II – Berlin

Amazing architecture design based on a fantastical world of the Silver Dragon of Erika-Mann Elementary School II – Berlin by Baupiloten. Baupiloten its a group of architecture students at the Technical University of Berlin led by architect Susanne Hoffmann who founded the studio in 2003. It was designed by the kids themselves collaborate with a group of just under 10 architecture students of Baupiloten. The different spaces are called Snuffle Garden, Snuffling Room, Chill Room and Dragon’s Breath, each starting with a clean white background and offering freedom of expression in the form of flexible furnishings. More pics Continue reading “Erika-Mann Elementary School II – Berlin”