Rotari Phone

The RotariPhone was an idea hatched by four college students while attending The Art Institute of Colorado. The group consisted of: Alan Bader, Seth Perry, Alyssa Rose, Brandon Kershner.

The project was simply to redefine the typical iPod dock, and the RotariPhone was our take on it. Not want it to look like something you see on the market today, we came up with the idea that perhaps it should not even look like a music player at all, but rather something else that you might see on a desk (in the early 80’s, or before). We styled it after cars from the 50’s along with the look of the rotary telephone, and this is what we came up with…

Ther are small sub woofers in the body of the ‘phone’ along with tweeters in the ‘receiver’. The rotary part acts as the power control as well as the volume control.

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Anna Anjos

Colorful Artworks By Anna Anjos

Very unique and colorful artworks by Anna Anjos. She is an illustrator and a graphic designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her artworks also available for purchase in mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, Macbook, PC Laptop skins, posters, wallets, t-shirts and wall stickers. I like the Stars wall sticker. More artworks after the jump. Continue reading “Anna Anjos”