Real Lighter Cufflinks

Lighter Cufflinks

They are REAL Working vintage cufflinks in a silvery color that were once dispensed in gumball machines approximately 50 years ago. The lighters are now collectors items. They are unused condition and in working order!

This is not a normal cufflinks, the vintage lighter cufflinks can be light up like a real lighter. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading “Real Lighter Cufflinks”

Zippo For Gundam’s 30th Anniversary

Zippo For Gundams 30th Anniversary

This precisely crafted Gundam’s zippo cigarette lighter is special made by zippo to celebrate 30th anniversary of Gundam and for sure this Gundam’s zippo is beautiful enough to stand out in a collector’s display. View more pics Continue reading “Zippo For Gundam’s 30th Anniversary”