BBQ Branding Iron

BBQ Branding Iron

Sometime you really need this, I’ve just got my steak stolen last week. The BBQ Branding Iron comes with 52 changeable letters and you can get two lines of text with max 9 character per line. Write messages on steaks, burgers, chicken or tofu ~ eg. Ryans Meat or the common ones ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘Road Kill’, ‘McTasty’, Eat Me’, ‘Vegans Suck’, ‘Crime Scene’, ‘Hot Stuff’, ‘RIP Daisy’, ‘What Diet’, ‘Medium Rare’, ‘Ouch’ or whatever. It is priced at £14.95. Continue reading “BBQ Branding Iron”

BA-K-47 the Bacon AK-47

BA-K-47 has created a full size replica of an AK-47. It is made from bacon and wire.

They say: We had our first annual Bacon Day this past Saturday. As a huge fan of bacon, and all the great bacon blogs out there, I decided it was time for me to make my own bacon creation. I came up with the BA-K-47, a 1:1 scale AK-47 made out of bacon.

Awesome. More picture after the jump.
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