Tactical Assault Long Range Camera Stock


I’m going to shoot you with Tactical Assault Long Range Camera Stock (TALCS) with a Nikon D200 body and a Nikkor 80-200mm telephoto lens. WooooOW! That’s real cool piece, fully functional “trigger” operates the shutter and auto focus, two Standard m1913 rail sections, Optional Left Hand Panning Section (Tested), Optional Auto-Focus assist Light (Not Tested), Two Sling attachments for optional single point sling, One Sling Stud for Harris Bipod, One Hook and Loop Fastener Attachment Section. Not sure if they sell it but you can contact the forum member at 230grain. More pictures after the jump Continue reading “Tactical Assault Long Range Camera Stock”

Amazing Light Painter

There are alot of light painting photographer in the world, but i bet you never seen one like Patrick Rochon before. Check out Patrick Rochon Light Painting Video demo reel aswell, i’m so amazed.

The images in this collection are exactly what was recorded on the film at the time of the shoot. no computer effects or digital manipulation where done. Continue reading “Amazing Light Painter”